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AntingAnting in Warrior Arts

In person at the museum.


A mystical, spiritual, action-packed event highlighting Filipino dance and martial arts traditions. 

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KULARTS presents AntingAnting in Warrior Arts, an event focusing on the mystical power of movement. AntingAnting refers to an indigenous system of belief and tradition practiced throughout the Philippine archipelago in which talismanic objects and mystical rituals provide sources of emotional and spiritual energy, motivation, and inspiration; the physical and spiritual disciplines of Filipino dance and martial arts are imbued with the magic and power of this tradition. Join contemporary martial artists and dancers to learn about the origins of these dynamic art forms, the depth of their relevance and cultural significance, and their ongoing evolution with the movement of the Filipino diaspora. 

AntingAnting in Warrior Arts includes a performance of the Maguindanao Sagayan Warrior Dance by Parangal Dance Company; a panel discussion on various fighting/defense systems, orasyones (prayers), and anting anting with Escrima and Kali Warrior Arts practitioners (featuring Guro Kristen Calbido, Master Joseph Bautista, Guro Gregory Manalo, Jonathan M. Mercado, and more); and a screening of director Eric Solano’s film “Ipat a Kadsakay,” an artistic and ritualistic exploration of Filipino approaches to healing, wellness, and life in the diaspora. (This first day of the two-day AntingAnting in Warrior Arts event takes place at the Asian Art Museum; for details on day two, taking place at Legacy Filipino Martial Arts, visit KULARTS.) 

This event is presented in conjunction with AntingAnting Project, a two-year project commissioned by the Asian Art Museum exploring the talismanic power of movement and dance through a multidisciplinary ritual performance within the museum’s galleries, engaged research, and community dialogues.



Founded in 1985, KULARTS is a not-for-profit arts organization based in San Francisco, California. KULARTS is the premier presenter of contemporary and tribal Pilipino arts in the United States. Its mission is to inform and expand the understanding of American Pilipino culture through the arts; to nurture the artistic development of Pilipino American artists; and to preserve the spirit and integrity of ancient Pilipino art forms. 


Alleluia Panis, Lead Artist and Director 

Alleluia Panis is the driving force behind KULARTS and a respected elder artist in both the United States and the Philippines. Since 1985, she has created over 20 full-length dance theater works. Panis has received awards and fellowships for her choreography from the Wallace Alexander Gerbode Foundation, the Rockefeller Foundation, the San Francisco Arts Commission, the California Arts Council, New Langton Arts, Creative Work Fund, the James P. Shannon Leadership Institute, the Rockwood Leadership Institute, United States Artists, and the Hewlett 50 Arts Commission. 


Images: L: Alleluia Panis. R: Sagayan performance by Jonathan M. Mercado. Photo by Amani Marina. Image courtesy of Parangal Dance Company. 

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