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Saturday Morning Meditation: Reflections on Identity and No-Self

Relax into your weekend with our Saturday Morning Meditations.

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We invite you to deepen your practice with this guided meditation and talk exploring two conflicting perspectives on identity, part of our monthly series Saturday Morning MeditationAt the heart of Buddhism is the saying, “Nothing whatsoever should be clung to as ‘I’ or ‘mine.” This teaching, as encapsulated in the concept of no-selfinstructs us that the key to ending our suffering is to let go of a fixed sense of self. Yet identity, as a site and source of resistanceis crucial to our struggle for collective liberation. This virtual session is open to all levels. 


Melvin Escobar is a core teacher at the East Bay Meditation Center, licensed psychotherapist, and certified yoga instructor. He has walked the path of service for much of his life, drawing on his experiences as a queer man of color from an immigrant working-class background. Escobar continues daily to learn the revolutionary potential of body-centered contemplative practices for personal and social healing via psychotherapy and the dharma. His article Loving-Kindness: May All Beings Be Happy was recently published in Lion’s Roar magazine. 

The Asian Art Museum is committed to being accessible to all. If the price of this virtual program is a barrier for you, please use the code VIRTUALACCESS for complimentary admission. This promotion can be applied under the “Promo Code” section on the Payment Information page.