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Thursday Night

Madame Gandhi Live in Concert

An electrifying and empowering live performance by singer, percussionist, and gender liberation activist Madame Gandhi.

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Take a live musical journey through the night with Madame Gandhi and her band! Encouraging audience members to dance, cry, laugh, and sing, Gandhi’s music asks questions such as: “How might we optimize for our own joy, so that we may always have something to give?” and “What does owning your voice look and feel like?” With her uplifting, percussive vocals and live electronic music soundscapes, Gandhi guides her audience through an activism-centered musical journey that ultimately brings them back to their own heart space.


Kiran Gandhi, aka Madame Gandhi, is a singer, percussionist, activist, and music industry thinker known for her uplifting and percussive electronic sound and fourth-wave perspective on gender liberation. Prior to her solo work, Gandhi was the touring drummer for rapper/electronic artist M.I.A.; she has also drummed for acts such as Krewella, Lizzo and Kehlani. Gandhi was featured on the Forbes “30 Under 30” Music list in 2019. She currently tours as a musician and speaker discussing fourth-wave feminism, modern gender liberation, menstrual equity, and personal power.

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