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Film screening: “Louis Kahn’s Tiger City” with Sundaram Tagore

Discover how a people’s struggle for freedom led to the creation of a modern architectural masterpiece. 

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Join filmmaker Sundaram Tagore for a screening of “Louis Kahn’s Tiger City,which chronicles how renowned architect Louis I. Kahn built a 20thcentury architectural landmark in war-torn Bangladesh. In this feature-length documentary, Tagore travels in the architect’s footsteps, embarking on a worldwide quest to understand how an Estonian-born American visionary came to build a daringly modern and monumental parliamentary complex in South Asia. What force of will,” Tagore marvels, enabled Kahn to design a Capital Complex on the ‘tabula rasa’ of the rice paddies of Bangladesh? Kahn conceived of a unique and provocative design and the Bangladeshi people upheld his vision, even as their country was destroyed by war. Bringing to life the story of Bangladesh’s independence movement, Tagore’s film thoughtfully portrays Kahn’s architectural tribute to the spirit of the Bangladeshi people.Futuristic and ancient at the same time,” says Tagore, Kahn’s complex was the beating heart of a newly-formed democratic nation.



Sundaram Tagore is an Oxford-educated art historian, gallerist, and award-winning filmmaker. Born in India in 1961, he grew up traveling between Calcutta, New Delhi and the Himalayas. His academic pursuits focused on Frank Lloyd Wright and Japan, American architect Louis Kahn’s work in Bangladesh, and Indian artists’ response to European modernism reflect his passion for cross-cultural exchange. A descendent of the influential, Nobel Prize-winning poet Rabindranath Tagore, Sundaram upholds the legacy of his family’s penchant for East-West dialogue through his films, contributions to numerous exhibitions, and multicultural programming at his four art galleries. 


Image: The National Parliament House, Sher-e-Bangla Nagar, Dhaka, Bangladesh. Photography by Sundaram Tagore Gallery, New York. 

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Presented in partnership with the Society for Art and Cultural Heritage of India (SACHI).  

SACHI expresses deep gratitude to the following Program Sponsors:  

Lopa & Paritosh Choksi, Jennifer Kao, Sheila & Ketan Kothari, Manish Kothari & Carmen Saura, Dr. Prithvi & Shivi Singh Legha, Louise Russell, and Gita & Ashok Vaish