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LIAN: A Game About Love and Distance

RAD presents a special post-Valentine’s opportunity to explore intimacy and connection through a uniquely romantic game experience. 

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In the spirit of Valentine’s Day, visit RAD to experience LIAN, a collaborative multiplayer game with a uniquely romantic theme (its name translates to yearning, longing, or love). Embark on a journey through a colorful, abstract narrative with three thematic stages: Adventure, Guardianship, and Companionship. Decode enigmatic shapes and symbols as you interact with fellow players to overcome puzzles and challenges. Each visual element holds a deeper meaning, offering new possibilities for interpersonal connection while inviting players to reflect on the complex dynamics of love and distance.  

For this special event, LIAN creator Yi Xie has customized the game to take advantage of the unique possibilities offered by the multiple projection walls in the RAD gallery space. RAD will be open for gameplay from 1 to 8 PM, with an artist talk by Yi at 7 PM. 


Yi Xie is a digital artist specializing in interactive media and games; through experimental game art, he delves deep into the mysteries of emotional expression and human-computer interaction. Yi holds degrees in Computer Science and Cinema and Digital Media from UC Davis and is currently pursuing a doctoral degree in Computational Media at UC Santa Cruz. Utilizing games as a medium to explore emotions and intimacy on multiple levels, Yi aspires to challenge the boundaries of gaming and explore new avenues of artistic expression. 


Part prototyping laboratory, part community salon, RAD (Research And Development) transforms Lee Gallery into a workspace for engineers, designers, and other leaders from the world of gaming; the space also hosts a monthly series of performances and games showcasing the limitless creativity of the Bay Area’s art/tech community.

Organizers & Sponsors

RAD: Asian Art Museum Research and Development is organized by the Asian Art Museum. Sustained support generously provided by the Akiko Yamazaki and Jerry Yang Endowment Fund for Exhibitions and the Kao/Williams Contemporary Art Exhibitions Fund.