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Contagious Compassion Zoom Meditation

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The Asian Art Museum recognizes the need to stay engaged and inspired during the COVID-19 crisis and is shifting programs to online platforms. We want to connect with our audiences and support the work of our artistic and creative communities through a range of virtual public programs we hope bring light into your homes.

During this COVID-19 crisis, with its attendant anxiety, stress, uncertainty, loneliness, and isolation, we need ways to connect, heal, and grow. Self-compassion and compassion cultivation are critical at this time.

The Asian Art Museum, in partnership with Dr. Ravi Chandra, presents this workshop to focus on loving kindness and compassion meditations in order to build resilience and prevent burnout. Self-compassion boosts resilience, prevents burnout, and reduces depression and anxiety. Compassion, among other benefits, boosts the immune system and helps us build better relationships with ourselves and others during times of difficulty.

In these Zoom sessions, Dr. Ravi Chandra will introduce some specific mindfulness, compassion, and self-compassion skills for this time of crisis. We’ll also break out into pairs and connect through discussion. We’ll have opportunities for a larger group discussion and a Q&A.

These sessions are open for all who think they might benefit.

We will send you the Zoom log in with confirmation email.

Ravi Chandra, M.D.


Ravi Chandra, M.D., is a psychiatrist and writer in San Francisco, and a distinguished fellow of the American Psychiatric Association. “Facebuddha: Transcendence in the Age of Social Networks” is his full-length nonfiction debut and is the winner of the 2017 Nautilus Silver Book Award for Religion/Spirituality of Eastern Thought. He is also the founder of SF Love Dojo, an organization teaching compassion and self-compassion.

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