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At the Crossroads: Healing Through Art, Stories, and Music Across the Asian Diaspora

On-site at the museum


Find community and healing through art making, storytelling, taiko drumming, and koto music. 

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We pause at the crossroads  after more than a year of COVID, climate change, and racial reckoning, we have choices to make about how we move forward. Join us in community to find a path toward healing through interactive art making, storytelling, and musicAll day, you’ll be able to participate in paper lantern, and Japanese boat model demonstrations and activities. At 11 a.m. and again at 2 p.m. a 90-minute performance featuring Asian artists living in diaspora will begin outside with taiko drumming and then wend its way into the museum for more, including spoken word, koto music, and lantern-lighting that will help us illuminate the path toward a more empowered future.


Visit the Japan Week San Francisco website to learn about the participating artistsAK BlackCrystel HadleyClare Jiro HessShoko HikageLauren ItoLenora LeeGenny Lim, Ida MaMelody TakataSuz Takeda, and Francis Wong. 

Organizers & Sponsors

Japan Week is supported by Grants for the Arts, California Arts Council, Zellerbach Foundation